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At Inside TMT we recognize that technology is really only the enabler. In order to achieve the results you are looking for you need a good strategy, sound processes, and the ability to execute. This makes consulting services a very key component toward gaining a return on any investment in technology. 

Selecting the right Professional Services partner is just as important as picking the right product. Our goal is to provide insights to help make both of these decisions easier.

Just submit a message through Contact Us to inquire about our services:

For Practitioners

  • Talent Management Technology Landscape Briefings - Need to find out about the latest and greatest talent management tools and technology? Want some specific research on a new emerging category? We will develop a custom presentation for you, delivered in person or over the web. And if you just want to talk, we're open to that too.
  • Vendor Selection - If you are out to purchase a new technology, chances are you already know enough to make a good business decision. But if you are looking for some subject matter expertise, a little historical knowledge, or twenty years experience just to be absolutely certain, we might be able to help. 
  • Consulting Services - Whether you are buying a new talent management platform or upgrading you existing systems, identifying the right consultants can make or break your initiative. We will help you find and engage the right mix of  resources either from the big shops, boutique firms, or independents.

For Consultants

  • Free Consultation - Are you thinking about getting into consulting? We would be happy to talk with you about what it is like to make the transition from HR Pro to HR Consultant, the pros, the cons, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Strategic Advisory - If you are already consulting and trying to figure out how to grow, what services to develop, sales, marketing, and positioning strategies, you can tap into our knowledge and experience. Whether it is just for a day, or on a retainer basis, we can help you get to the next level.
  • Infrastructure Support - Starting a consulting business can be daunting and a long drawn out process. If you want to get a head start and move a little faster, talk to us about our infrastructure support services. We will help you set up an interactive website, establish sales and marketing processes, provide proposal templates, contracts, business insurance, lead generation and management. Whatever it takes to help you hit the ground running.

For Vendors

  • Product Strategy - We will evaluate your product roadmap against our practical knowledge of what the practitioner is looking for.
  • Strategic Alliances - Increasing your value to your customer will often require establishing strategic alliances with other solutions to fill some gaps. We will help identify and negotiate business terms to make it all happen.
  • Professional Services - Services are an important factor for increasing user adoption and long term client relationships. We can help you structure the right service packages as well as develop partnering strategies to ensure your clients get the help they need.

Speaking Engagements

Keynote speeches, breakout sessions, team building exercises, or workshops. For conferences, industry events, user group meetings, or internal team meetings.

Guaranteed to be entertaining!