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Video Interviewing


Video Interviews

More than Just a new Fangled Interview

Video Interviews

I have written about the video interviewing category before, back when there were only 17 vendors in the space. That was six months ago and I think there are now more than 25.

Regardless of the growth in the vendor community, I think there are significant business implications that make this a very hot category. If you think it's just about video interviewing, your wrong.

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The Video Interviewing Category Revisited

The Video Interviewing Category Revisited

Just about a year ago I took my first stab at creating a listing of all the video interviewing products on the market. I was astonished to find 17 of them. 

As I revisit the category today, some have disappeared, some changed their names, and I have discovered a few more, all adding up to 21 products in the directory

The fact that the net number of vendors has gone up, is an indication that this category will be around for a while (unless of course the Talent Management vendors start to swallow them up).

Written by: Ed Newman Categories: Video Interviewing


Just Talk into the Webcam

Skills for Web 3.0

Just Talk into the Webcam

When I think about how far technology has come in the last 10 years I am always amazed. When you google the name of a restaurant on your i-phone, click the map to get real time directions from your current location with a hot link to dial the number, you wonder how we ever got by with phone books and maps.  

There is no question technology has changed forever the way we do certain things, and generally it is much easier.

But every once in a while something comes along that requires a new skill. Something you never expected you would have to do.

Written by: Ed Newman Categories: Industry Trends, Video Interviewing