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Can Human Resources Ever get Serious About Predictive Analytics?

Can Human Resources Ever get Serious About Predictive Analytics?

I just finished reading a very interesting article from the New York Times Magazine entitled "How Companies Learn Your Secrets." It is an incredible account about the methods retailers use to analyze the habits of customers and then predict and manipulate buying behavior.

It is the essence of predictive analytics.  

We have been buzzing about predictive analytics in Human Resources for the last 10 years. Why is it that we have not been able to apply this science?

Written by: Ed Newman Categories: Workforce Analytics


Saba Acquires Human Concepts

Saba Acquires Human Concepts

The talent management technology market consolidation trend continues today with the announcement by Saba of the acquisition of Human Concepts, one of the few pure play workforce planning solutions. With the huge wave of content focussing on SAP/SuccessFactors Oracle/Taleo and Cornerstone Ondemand, it's as if we have forgotten there are other contenders among the Tier One talent management suites. Saba is definitely one of those formidable competitors. 

It's been almost a year since we have seen any activity in the workforce planning category, the last deal when PeopleFluent picked up Aquire. I still believe WFP is the key driver of talent management, and this move by Saba just might rekindle the flame.

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