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Free hiring: The secret of a $0 cost per hire. Part II

All the tips and tricks you need to get your cost per hire down to $0.

Free hiring: The secret of a $0 cost per hire. Part II

In the first post of this series we discussed the free job boards and how a free ATS could be leveraged to keep your recruiting costs as low as possible. In Part II we will talk about Social media - it’s (mostly) free so use it.

The buzz (some would call it hype) in recruitment these days is all about how social media is going to be the way all recruitment is done in the future. There’s no way you can rely purely on social media for finding your staff, but if done properly it can get you in contact with passive candidates and thus must be a part of your resourcing strategy regardless of how big the organization or company is. Here are some ideas on getting started:

LinkedIn: If you personally don’t have a LinkedIn profile it’s a good idea to add yourself on and don’t forget to post an entry on your profile if you’re hiring. Similarly if your company/organization hasn’t got a LinkedIn page, create one and post that the company is hiring. Also, make sure you join some of the groups set up. There’s bound to be at least one that is in your field and post a help request on that…….’Can anyone suggest a good Web Developer…..etc’. It just takes one referral or the right person to spot your entry and you could fill the job.

LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine for finding good candidates so make sure you do a people search as well but ensure that you use the advanced search box because that allows you to narrow the location down to a much tighter area. So click on the advanced link next to the search box at the top and type in a job title into the Title box, then a rough location and see who appears. You can always add in some keywords as well if you get too many results.

Unfortunately you can only see the first 10 pages for free but you’d be amazed who’s in your network. You can contact anyone who is either a direct connection or an indirect connection (i.e. you know someone who knows them) for free or better yet, get introduced to indirect connections by whoever is the link person between you and them.

Oh and don’t forget……if you communicate with a good candidate for whatever reason and you want to keep a link with them for possible future hiring, ask to link to them on LinkedIn. So easy to do and gradually you can build a network of potential future hires and a source of referrals as well. We’ve found LinkedIn to be a great source of candidates for roles we’ve recruited for our clients at a senior level but less so for more junior roles.

Finally, make sure as many of your employees have profiles on LinkedIn. It’s very easy for job seekers to work out who they are connected to at your company. The more of your employees are on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to source the widest possible amount of applicants. If jobseekers know people at your company, they are more likely to apply or at least ask for an introduction.

Twitter: Set up a company Twitter page or if you’re hiring a lot, how about a page dedicated to just listing your company’s jobs. It’s free so post an entry linking back to your company website.

To build up your followers, make sure you follow as many people as you can related to your field. They’ll then look at you and perhaps follow your tweets back. Twitter is rapidly becoming a job search engine in it’s own right with dozens of companies listing their vacancies at any one time. Do a search on Twitter now for a job title you are currently recruiting (or about to) and see what comes up. You might even find a few job seekers who match up.

All the ‘followers’ of recruitment agencies and direct employers are likely to be looking for a job so if they’re on Twitter following another company’s job postings they’ll be doing regular searches to find matching jobs…… get listing !!

A nice app you can use to find potential applicants via Twitter is called Locafollow. Incredibly easy to use, you just type in the skill set/job title you’re looking for and approximate location, hit search and it will find people who match up. You can then follow them/make contact etc and maybe hire them. A different site but doing something similar is called Follower Wonk. Both are free.

Don’t forget if you do make a tweet, particularly if you’re listing a job that you’re trying to fill, put some searchable tags with a hash symbol in front. So next to the job title is good, and maybe words like jobs or careers: #web developer #careers #jobs etc etc By adding a hash symbol #, the word following it becomes searchable to other users.

More on social media, blogs and search techniques in Part III of this series. 


This blog post series is from the e-book: The 21 tips and tricks they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School about recruiting. It can be viewed in full at:


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Nick Leigh-Morgan

Nick Leigh-Morgan is the Managing Director of Zodo, a company which specializes in providing free recruitment systems to small and medium sized employers. Nick has over 15 years experience in recruitment having worked across staffing agencies, client side and software suppliers.

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