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The 2012 CandEs Start Today!

The 2012 CandEs Start Today!

It's hard to believe it is already May 1st, and today marks the launch of the 2nd annual Candidate Experience Awards process. If you are unfamiliar, this the industry award that recognizes companies for the way in which they treat their job applicants. 

But it is so much more than just an award.

Two years ago I joined Elaine Orler and Gerry Crispin to form a non-profit organization called The Talent Board with the sole purpose of creating the Candidate Experience Awards. In 2011 we had about 60 employers go through the application process, we surveyed over 11,000 job applicants, and 24 companies received the award. 

Regardless of the outcome, each employer who participated received an individual benchmark report that compared their practices against the greater population, and gave them an opportunity to improve. Additionally, we produced a white paper that gives you a view into the data along with excerpts from some of the award winners. 

By all of our measures, the 2011 CandEs was a huge success and our expectations for 2012 are even higher.

The 2012 Candidate Experience Awards

The Employer Survey for the 2012 process is now open. Click here to get instructions and access to the survey.  We are accepting applications from North America and the UK (be sure to click the appropriate link) and the survey will be open through June 15th.  Then we will move into phase two and survey the job applicants to validate the information provided by the employer. We provide each employer with a link to the candidate survey to distribute to their job seekers, so there is no imposition on data privacy. After we evaluate the results, we will announce the award winners at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago on October 8th.  

If you are an employer looking to improve your candidate experience, you do not want to miss this opportunity. The survey is not very difficult to complete and the application process is Free of charge. 

**If you would like to make a small donation to support the CandEs, please visit this page on our website and become a Friend of The Talent Board.

If your company would like to become an official sponsor of the 2012 CandEs, we still have room for you. You can contact me directly, or complete this form and we will get you all of the information you need. It is more than a good cause, it is also a fantastic value. The entire process runs from May through October and the year end research report is used to promote the next year's awards. That's almost a full year of exposure. 

I would like to personally thank the companies who are committed sponsors for the 2012 CandEs:

Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors


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