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The Best Application of Gamification I have Seen To Date

The Best Application of Gamification I have Seen To Date

To steal a line from Laurie Ruettimann, if there was one word I would like to punch in the face as hard as I can it would be "gamification." It is one of those topics that makes me feel like the world has been overtaken by alien bodysnatchers and I am the last human standing. Do we really need to turn everything into a game just to keep people's interest? 

I am not one for the FourSquare type games where you strive to accumulate points and badges, or even worse, spending time and real money maintaining a fictitious online farm. But I recently bumped into my friend Scott Swimley at the HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition conference. He told me about his new company Gild and how they are leveraging gamification for a real purpose.  

Gild's recruiting solutions are designed specifically to help companies find and recruit software developers. What better segment of the workforce to apply gamification than the techies? They have embedded a unique code evaluation technology into their product so that when the developers play the games, you get an assessment of their coding skills. Simple, yet brilliant.

They have three core products:

Gild Arena is a mobile quiz platform that lets you create and launch location-specific mobile contests ranging from general trivia for fun to programming quizzes for talent screening. After you set the location where you want the quiz to show up, anyone in that area can play in the contest and broadcast their score on Twitter. The participant sees a live leaderboard of contest rankings, and you get each participant’s results and their contact information. 

Gild Engage is a coding puzzle platform that engages talent through challenging coding puzzles. You can place puzzles on your career site, a Facebook page, or as part of any advertisement or marketing campaign. Gild’s code evaluation technology checks each puzzle submission along seven different coding metrics, giving you insights into the technical talent of each participant. It is also integrated with social networks, so developers share their results and challenge their friends, which can help you build your brand in the developer community.

Gild Source is a database of over 500K developer candidates, but is much more than a pile of stale resumes. The code evaluation technology gives you insight into what skills each prospect has, how good the developer's code, and how widely recognized the prospect and their code is by other developers. Gild also monitors the social activity of prospects so that you can get a full portrait of the candidate including the prospect's hobbies and interests, personality, how socially engaged they are, and when and how to get in touch with the candidate.

I have not had a chance to get a full demo, but on the surface it seems like an absolute no brainer if you are recruiting programmers and developers. If anyone is currently using this product, please hit the comment section below and let us know how you like it. 

Categories: Assessment, Social Recruiting

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