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The CandEs on The Bill Kutik Radio Show

Check it out on Wed April 25, 2012

The CandEs on The Bill Kutik Radio Show

I have known Bill Kutik for nearly 15 years. We first met at the International Resumix User Group meeting in Monterey, CA in the late 90's. I sat at a table in the Exhibit room, homemade company logo on a cardboard sign, in front of a pile of articles I had recently written. Just across the aisle stood the team from The Hunter Group, matching polo shirts, fancy booth, slick brochures.

It did not take Bill long to figure me out, he said "so you do for these customers, what Hunter does for PeopleSoft clients? I'll call you the Resumix Guy!"  

It did not take me very long to figure out Bill either. He is the guy who knows how to orchestrate a great show. He is the Godfather of the HR Technology Conference of which I have been to 12 of the 14. The 2012 show will be back in Chicago, October 8-10, and will again be one of the most significant HR events of the year.

What makes Bill's shows great? He has a formula and it works every time. He knows how to put together content that will be of interest to the practitioner/buying community, but also a means for a Vendor to put their best foot forward. He does not tolerate over produced advertisements. If a vendor is presenting they need to bring a big name client and he makes sure they keep it real. He is a stickler for preparation and knows how to keep things concise and on point - if you have ever participated in a Bill Kutik panel discussion you will know what I mean.

For the last few years Bill has taken to the Blog Talk Radio waves, and has produced an astounding 102 shows with interviews of the Who's Who in HR Technology ranging from CEO's, to leading product strategists, and famous analysts.  

I am very proud to be a participant on the 103rd episode of The Bill Kutik Radio Show  (, which airs on Wednesday April 25, 2012 at Noon EDT. I am joined by Gerry Crispin and Elaine Orler and we will talk with Bill about the 2012 Candidate Experience Awards (The CandEs). If you are unfamiliar, this is a non-profit venture we launched last year to recognize companies who provide a superior experience for their job seekers.

On the show we will tell Bill about the application process for Employers, recognition the program has received, our findings from last year's research report, and our plans for expansion.

Be sure to set yourself a reminder for Wednesday to check out the show


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