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Think You're a Good Recruiter? Prove It!

Take the Virtual In-Box Challenge!

Think You're a Good Recruiter? Prove It!

During my twenty years in Human Resources, much of my focus has been in the area of Recruiting. I have been a corporate recruiter, a 3rd party recruiter, a recruiting manager, and a consultant to the recruiting function. In all those years and even today, I often hear about how broken recruiting is. You hear people say most recruiters don't know how to recruit, they are lazy, they post and pray, they throw paper over the wall.

But if everyone is saying this, then how do you know who the good guys are? How do you know if you are really that good?

It's time you step up and prove it!

Designs on Talent is a boutique consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA and they have been delivering Talent Acquisition Assessment Centers for many  years. This is not just some quiz to see if you know all the buzzwords, they include real simulations that put you in the shoes of a recruiter and make you think on your feet. They assess recruiters on five core competencies:

  1. Time management/Prioritization (In-box)
  2. Sourcing
  3. Cold Calling
  4. Interviewing
  5. Influencing

Recently they released a sample of their Virtual In-Box exercise as a free offering. I took it and found it to be extremely well done and quite challenging (and I learned a few things too!). Once you register and login, you are directed to an in box of email messages from hiring managers, candidates and colleagues that you need to prioritize and respond to. You have 20 minutes to complete the exercise.

When you are done, you will get a feedback report that shows your responses in comparison to the best practice approach. Very enlightening!

In all my years in this industry, I have worked with hundreds of organizations in an attempt to improve the recruiting function. Through process improvement, assessment and selection methods, and all kinds of technology solutions. But I can tell you that there is only one thing that truly distinguishes a good recruiting operation from a bad one. It's the quality of the recruiters.

Are you a good recruiter? Time to prove it - take the Virtual In Box challenge!

See the InsideTMT Product Review of the TA Assessment Center

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