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Why Auto Matching Features Make us Lazy

Why Auto Matching Features Make us Lazy

When Resumix made it's debut circa 1990 with an artificially intelligent search engine, the concept of automatic match was born. It's when the computer takes data from a requisition/job description and uses a black box algorithm to match it up with the data from a resume/profile.

You used to hear vendors say things like "with our proprietary technology we can automatically match the best talent to your jobs, saving you time and money." Oh wait, we are still hearing that today?!?

But so far, I think auto match has been a little more than a gimmick. Here is why: 

  1. Auto match is based on a search and retrieval mentality and is only as good as the data you feed it.
  2. Most of the time there is not enough data on either side to make a good match. Either the job description sucks, or the candidate does not enter enough criteria about their preferences.
  3. Auto match is based on a data set at a given point in time - like a resume. It does not take into consideration that information about people changes over time. 
  4. There is very little contextualization in auto match. I still get notifications for jobs to implement SAP ERP modules because I used to recruit for SAP implementation consultants.
  5. Think about all the features today that match jobs to your connections and friends in your network - do your friends keep up to date, and accurate profiles?

But by far the worst aspect of the auto match feature is that it makes recruiters lazy. It creates an expectation that if there are no matching candidates to our criteria, that they must not exist. It is a one and done scenario. But it will turn up enough candidates that we settle for what comes in and submit crappy resumes that managers complain about. 

When you are searching a data base, do you only use one search string to find candidates? If you said yes, you are lazy. It would be like going to the filing cabinet full of resumes and only pulling out the folder labeled "programmers." What about the "developer" folder, or the c++ folder? (yes when I started recruiting we went to a filing cabinet). 

However, I do have hope that the matching technology can get better.  With the evolution of aggregation tools that pull together data from multiple sources we can get a more complete picture of a person. But the real game changer is the rapid adoption of Mobile computing.

More on this subject in future posts. 





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