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BranchOut - ERE Demo

BranchOut - ERE Demo


At the Fall 2011 EREExpo I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor for product demonstrations. I asked for a demo that would highlight the things that make the product unique. Here is what I learned about BranchOut:

Ever since I started to get invitations to join Branchout, I have been skeptical. I was not sure about joining yet another social network. I was glad I stopped by the exhibit at ERE to get the demo.

While there might be overlap with Linked-in, I think Branchout is built on a very different an broader base of people. When you watch the video clip you will see what it looks like for a facebook user to become member of Branchout, you will see what can be done with a corporate Fan page, and also how a recruiter can us it for searching.

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Ed Newman


Sunday, 02 October 2011