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Broadlook Diver - HR Tech Demo


During the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor to get some product demonstrations. Here is what I learned about Broadlook Diver:

Access to information on people has never been more freely available to recruiters and sourcers. But it can be a pain to copy and paste contact information from the various web pages when doing it manually.

Broadlook Diver is a product by Broadlook Technologies designed to facilitate the process of extracting contact information from your search results when sourcing on the internet.

In the demo you will see how Diver presents you with the contact info from a large google search and allows for filtering and sub-searching the results. You can then export the data to an Excel file, CRM system or ATS and go from there.

It would not take long for a couple of Sourcers to generate a pretty large database of contacts.


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Ed Newman


Thursday, 20 October 2011