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Checkster - HR Tech Demo


During the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor to get some product demonstrations. Here is what I learned about Checkster:

Checkster is one of the two major players in the eReference category which is essentially a process where candidates to submit their references online which triggers a multi-rater 360 survey.

Checkster has recently launched an extension to their core Reference product that focuses on Interview feedback collection. A recruiter will use the same engine that runs the reference check to launch a feedback survey to all of the interviewers.

What makes this different than typical interview feedback is the fact that the information is now collected in the form of data that can be analyzed and aggregated for better decision support. In the video clip you will have a hard time reading the details on the report, but you will get the idea.

It is interesting to see this category continue to stand on it's own and now starting to expand into other areas.


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Ed Newman


Friday, 21 October 2011