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SkillSurvey - ERE Demo

SkillSurvey - ERE Demo


At the Fall 2011 EREExpo I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor for product demonstrations. I asked for a demo that would highlight the things that make the product unique. Here is what I learned about SkillSurvey:

You might wonder why SkillSurvey is located in the Candidate Sourcing category. They do Reference Checks right? Well - I think this category is overlooked for the impact it can have on your sourcing capacity.

Ever since the reference process was relegated to background screening, we have lost the art of leveraging reference contacts as a source. SkillSurvey offers a Passive Candidate compiler where they prompt the reference giver to "opt in" to hear about opportunities.

Amazingly - 70% of the references opt in, and a fresh list of prospective candidates can be pushed to a recruiter on a daily basis.

If you run references on all interviewed candidates, you will essentially be auto generating a pipeline of new prospects for your next requisition.

Oh, and it also does reference checks - you get a nice 360 multi-rater reference report in 24-48 hours. 

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Ed Newman


Sunday, 02 October 2011