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Green Job Interview - ERE Demo

Green Job Interview - ERE Demo


At the Fall 2011 EREExpo I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor for product demonstrations. I asked for a demo that would highlight the things that make the product unique. Here is what I learned about Green Job Interview:

The mantra at GreenJob Interview is to keep things simple. They support the live video interview format only and and do not offer the ability to save and store recordings. This is a conscious decision as they do not believe their clients would want recordings lying around for discovery. They are not big on the content management aspect of interviewing, it is all about establishing the video chat session as quickly and easily as possible.

You can have up to 16 simultaneous video streams so 1-1 and panel interviews are possible, and there is a chat feature and document sharing capability as well. Their clients are starting to use the platform for other purposes like remote meetings.

One thing they do that is unique is provide live tech support and testing a day in advance of every interview.

Here is the video from my demo - pay no attention to that guy holding the video camera.


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Ed Newman


Friday, 07 October 2011