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Jobvite - HR Tech Demo


During the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor to get some product demonstrations. Here is what I learned about Jobvite:

Jobvite is the first hybrid recruiting products to tightly integrate with the social media technologies. With all that they do I have them slotted in the Social Recruiting, CRM, Candidate Sourcing and Applicant Tracking categories.

The demo I received at HR Tech started out with an overview of their new Facebook App that was launched during the week of the conference. What I found particularly interesting was the fact that a candidate could select their Linked-in profile to apply, all right from the Facebook interface.

This is addresses the long time issue of people wanting to keep professional and personal profiles separate. People can now leverage their personal networks, and seamlessly shift to use their professional profile to apply.

The second part of the demo shows how any employee of a company using Jobvite can access the list of open positions and search their own personal network for potential referrals. This could be particularly useful for a companies with a recruiting culture - where everyone is expected to find and attract talent.

When you watch the video, please excuse some of the focus problems I was having - but I think it is good enough to give you an appreciation for what Jobvite can do. 

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Ed Newman


Thursday, 20 October 2011