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OneWire - ERE Demo

OneWire - ERE Demo


At the Fall 2011 EREExpo I had a chance to walk the exhibit floor for product demonstrations. I asked for a demo that would highlight the things that make the product unique. Here is what I learned about OneWire:

This is one of the more notable new comers to the space. OneWire is tough to categorize because it is somewhat of a hybrid with some Job Board, Candidate Relationship Management, and Applicant Tracking all mixed in one.

I need to spend a lot more time with this product to get a true understanding of the capability, but in my demo at ERE there were a few things that stood out.

First there is a Candidate portal that allows a job seeker to use their Linked-in profile to log in. Data from Linked-in will port over, and then the job seeker can fill in the rest using structured data elements. This means the user will select from a list of options rather than just typing in a value. It makes for a more precise search and match.

There are also privacy settings so that a job seeker can decide when they want to be seen and by whom.

But the more impressive functionality was the full integration with MS Outlook for interview scheduling. That has been a challenge for most systems, and OneWire seems to have it pegged.

The audio in the attached clip is a little muddled, but you should be able to follow along well enough.

More posts on this product as we learn more. 

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Ed Newman


Sunday, 02 October 2011