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Talemetry - Market & Engage Demo

Talemetry - Market & Engage Demo


We recently published a review of the candidate sourcing capability of Talent Technology's Talemetry solution from the ERE Expo. We followed up to get a demo of the rest of the product - here is what we learned:

Talent Technology has long been known as the company with products to bolt onto the ERP Recruiting solution (primarily PeopleSoft and SAP). But their Talemetry solution has come a long way and now includes candidate sourcing, posting and marketing jobs, and engaging candidates. This puts them in the category of Recruitment Marketing Platforms, something they call Talent Generation.

In the video the demo covers the following features:

  • Job Posting Distribution
  • Reporting
  • Custom career sites
  • Social media integration
  • Standard profile creation
This demo did not show the standard profile itself, you can see that in the video from the ERE Expo
The concept is this: for any given candidate, there is information in many locations on the internet. Articles, bios, presentations, and maybe videos. Rather than settling for just a resume, Talemetry compiles all of it, and then asks the candidate permission to include it in their profile.
I am not sure this meets my definition of engaging the candidates, however, Talemetry definitely provides some solid technology that makes the process of posting and applying to jobs simple and easy.


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Ed Newman


Monday, 28 November 2011