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Submit and Manage Your Listings

If you are a registered vendor you will be able to submit and manage your own product listings as well as your vendor profile. Since our goal is to create the most comprehensive directory of products and services in Talent Management Technology, all listings are absolutely free, and always will be.  

With the continuous evolution of the industry, we know that vendors tend to have many product offerings that span many categories. In order to keep things organized, we ask that you submit one company profile, and a separate listing for each of your products. We will create a link between your vendor profile and all of your products to make it easy to navigate between them.

You will be able to submit a short description, a long description as well as upload images and links to videos. Let us know of you have information you would like to submit and we have not given you a place to put it.

When you register, be sure to select the Vendor Profile Type. Once you are logged in as a Registered Vendor, you will have access to the submittal links on the right.